Thursday, May 24, 2012

MySQL is done. It’s the Postgres Age.

Jeff Dickey wrote a very nice blog post entitled MySQL is done.  It’s the Postgres Age.

I think Jeff just misses one super-crucial part of the equation: MySQL was acquired by Oracle.

MySQL’s licensing and pricing structure is now at Oracle’s mercy.  And nobody wants to end up paying Oracle to use MySQL.  Oracle aren’t seen as kind custodians in the way you might be happy about software adopted by Red Hat.

MySQL has stopped seeming free.

At a technical level, PostgreSQL is the DB I wish I’d used.  Oh the part of my life wasted to sorting out MySQL gotchas :(

MySQL DDL is not transaction safe shudder, InnoDB is dog-slow arggh, table names are case-sensitive on some operating systems but not others eh, its near impossible to convince it to store UTF-8 and takes about three or four places you have to tell it that you really mean to OMG, it’ll let you mix in non-transaction-safe stuff into transactions and silently not be transaction-safe memory tables I hate you and …. the list just goes on.

Of course now my most recent MySQL-using system is firmly full of MySQL-specific workarounds and refactorings and I’m not about to take it to a new DB backend.

But as said on the last slide (of a tech talk by tumblr or disqus or someone, just can’t find the source any more), nobody gets a pager in the middle of the night because they chose PostgreSQL.

Elsewhere in database land

I said of moreSQL:

I can imagine a new open-source distributed SQL data-store that used LevelDB as the storage engine.

And along comes Calvin.  What an exciting, revolutionary approach!  moreSQL in ways that I had never anticipated… but its got LevelDB in, so I’ll hush that up and claim I’m Nostradamus ;)

But really, would be fun to know the numbers between LevelDB’s SSTable and  Fractal Trees.


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