Sunday, March 3, 2013

Best Programming Font

I like the new programming questions site.  They identified something wrong with StackOverflow and fixed it.

One of the posts they used to promote is the Best Programmer Font question.  It was the one that I dived into.

But I was a bit underwhelmed and disappointed in the presentation of it.  To properly compare something graphical, you don’t want side-by-side comparisons, you want flip-between comparisons.

(Update: added monoOne too)

So I’ve fixed it:

Of course there are lots of factors that affect how fonts are rendered in your choice of editor on your choice of platform; the font rendering library (Windows, OSX and FreeType all being sufficiently different to render the above images misleading), the resolution, the screen DPI, the font size, subpixel rendering and anti-aliasing etc etc.  I tackled none of these problems.  I just demonstrate what I believe to be the superiority of flip-between.

I hope that looks into doing flip-through comparisons as well as side-by-side ones.  Its just a different way to present that same choices, after all.


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